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Online Exam: Problems & Issues Face by Students         

We all avoid thinking about exams at the start of our year or semester. However, within a few months, it seems like the deadlines are running towards us and there is no escape. However, things have been looking pretty different these few years as exams have moved to online settings. This was something unimaginable before however, it’s our reality now. Although this change has many benefits it also adds new obstacles in the way of students and teachers.

While many people think online exams give you a way to give your exam from the comfort of your bed and cheat, there is more to this story. Online exams pose so many challenges that students often say: ‘I wish someone would do my exam for me’. If you’re surprised to hear this, let’s explore all the troubles students have to go through in their online exams.

Time Management

Online studies give you lots of time to yourself – probably more than you can handle. Let’s admit it, we are all used to having an authority control us to stay active and productive. However, this isn’t the case when you are studying online and hence your exams suffer too. Students around the world complain that they couldn’t finish their syllabus in time and study it completely because they didn’t manage their time properly.

This is something most students and learners haven’t figured out and hence get bad grades. Students are still new to this type of freedom in their schedule and hence, need to develop time management skills. If they fail to manage their time, they are only going to waste precious opportunities and fall behind in their studies.

Gap In Knowledge

As we all know that studying and preparing for exams online is completely from a physical setting. Gone are the days when you would take lectures and discuss them with your friends. When you are learning online, you don’t get to benefit from joint study sessions which affect your learning.

So firstly, you don’t have the privilege to meet your teacher to discuss your queries after class. Secondly, you don’t even have your friends to study with and hence there are gaps in your knowledge. Finally, you have to study on your own throughout and there won’t be anyone else to teach you the things you don’t know. This can not only bring down your overall grade but also fail you in certain subjects that you find difficult.


The concept of online exams is still pretty new and most people struggle while attempting their tests. This is because their lack of experience with the tools and this new format affects their performance. In fact, many students admit that they still are not sure how to approach online exams.

While students struggle to navigate their online exams, they spend their precious time trying to figure things out. During this time, they could have attempted questions more carefully and proofread their answers. However, these snags only waste their limited time and bring down their results. This is especially a problem in schools and programs that do not offer students to give mock online exams.

The Environment

Let’s face it, there is a world of a difference between your examination room and a room in your house. Exam classrooms or areas are tidy and very quiet to allow students to focus on their tests. However, not everyone has the privilege to live in a silent neighborhood and have no disturbance at home.

That’s not all, another issue with the environment is how our brains work. Our brains get used to doing certain things in certain areas. Unless you have been pulling all-nighters, you will find it hard to sleep in your classroom. Similarly, you are more comfortable at your home and your brain isn’t used to studying or working hard there. Hence, this change in environment brings down your performance in exam.

No Guidance

When you are taking exams in physical settings, you have a supervisor to ask questions. Of course they won’t tell you the answers to your test questions but they can answer your other queries. For example, if you don’t understand what a question is asking of you, you can discuss it with your invigilator.

However, you don’t get such luxuries when you are taking your exam online. This is because some online exams are proctored by computers and obviously, you can’t ask them any questions. Moreover, even if you do have supervisors, it will take you way more time to ask them questions and get a response from them. Hence, you will get guidance at the cost of your precious time which you need to answer questions.

Technical Issues

Let’s address one of the biggest problems in online exams – the technical issues. Online exams require you to have the best technical skills along with a high-speed internet connection. You must be able to operate the smart portal systems through which the exams are conducted. You must have sound knowledge about Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint software to use them in the best way to give your exam.

However, most of the students lack such technical skills and unfortunately, face major problems in giving online exams. We recommend you to be familiar with all the software and the portal system before giving your exams. Doing this will definitely save you from making end-time blunders and will also save your time.

These are the major problems faced by the students when it comes to online exams. We highly recommend teachers to help students with their problems so that they don’t lose something big. As a student, you should try to seek guidance from your teachers and professionals so that you do not mess up in your exams. If all these issues get resolved, none of the students will ask anyone to do my exam for me. Good Luck!

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