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Online Exams Conducted At Home – How They Work

Giving exams at home was something our previous generation would have laughed at. However, online exams are no joke; they are our saving grace. Online exams remove all physical barriers between you and your education! So if you wanted to study in an international program, online exams make it possible. Students ask: ‘Do I have to do my exam in an exam room?’ and the answer is no.

Now you must be wondering, how would they keep an eye on you when you’re at home giving your exams? That is a very good question and that is exactly what we are going to teach you! So let’s get into how these exams work and what you can do to ace them!

The Definition:

As the name suggests, these are the exams that you give online, through your laptop or desktop computers. This helps schools to check your knowledge from a distance and grade you accordingly. Its main advantage is that schools get to test a huge number of students and get instant results. Moreover, students around the world get to appear in these tests without applying for a visa or travelling.

The Process:

The examiner sets up the exam through a reliable and known online testing platform. They can even connect and conduct more than one test there for quick assessment. While the subject teacher or professor creates the question paper using their knowledge, the computer checks the tests for them. This is great because it saves them time and effort that they use for checking papers and does it faster. So this is how the whole process of online exam systems works:

Setting Up The Exam

If you have an online exam, you don’t have to worry because they are fairly easy. Your teacher will write the introduction and they can include what participants can expect from the exam. After that, they add questions like multiple-choice questions, subjective, objective, diagrams and whatnot.

Administering The Test

The teacher decides the start and end date (including hours) for you to have access to the exam. This means you will have limited access to the exam so you won’t get extra time to cheat. After they create the exam, they upload it online on the official exam platform. They then share the URL with you to click on the link that will lead you to the online exam paper.

Checking Process

After you are done with the exam, your teacher is able to view how you performed. If the questions are multiple-choice or one-word, the computer will automatically check the answers. The teachers are also able to view the statistics of all exam takers to get an overall view of their performance.

Free Tips For Nailing Exams Conducted At Home:

Read the Guidelines

You can’t prepare for an online exam, without reading and understanding the related guidelines. Make sure that you know the timings, whether they are fixed and specific or whether they can be taken at any point within a certain time window. Make sure you also know how much time you have complete the online exam to prepare accordingly. Finally, pay attention to anything you hear from the examiner regarding the online exam.

Know The Pattern

You have to know the format of your online exam, such as the type and number of questions. Are they going to be multiple-choice, fill-in, short answer or long answer essay questions or a combination of all these? In case you get access to a practice exam, make sure you take it and use it to practice. This way you will be able to plan your time and speed while attempting the questions.

Test Your Technology Beforehand

Whether you are taking your exam at home or in a computer lab, make sure that you check the technology. This includes the working status of your device and the internet to avoid any sudden last-minute issues. Check if you have the right software and hardware, where you are taking the online exam. Everything should work fast enough without suffering any sudden interruptions during the exam. In case you have an open book exam, study and revise so that you know where to find relevant information.

An Appropriate Setting

It is pretty obvious that you sit in a quiet area when taking the online exam or you’ll get distracted. So turn off any notifications from your devices and inform your housemates you have an online exam. Remind them not to make any noise or cause any distractions that may make it difficult for you to focus. Finally, make sure that area is well lit, has enough ventilation and has a sufficiently comfortable place to sit.


Exams can bring huge amounts of stress, so it’s important to make you are fully prepared. Online tests are great for testing candidates’ knowledge and talents. They reduce much of the teachers’ workload and the time it takes to check and return the tests. Thanks to all their benefits, online exams are becoming a permanent method for testing students. If you are a student as well, it is important that you should know how online exams are conducted at home. We guarantee you that by the time you finish reading this blog, you will be able to say: ‘I can do my exam online easily’.

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